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 10 Reasons why your computer Runs Slow


Startup Overload

  • The more programs you have that are loading at start-up, the slower the start up. Remove the programs you do not want or are not necessary to be starting at boot-up



  • These are malicious programs that stealthilty embed themselves into your software.The name Spyware came to be because it is software that spys on you. 


The Reg

  • If your registry is bloated or corrupted, there could be a BSOD in your future.


Non Fragmented Hard Drive

  • When you first get your computer the only files you have on there is the operationg system files but over time your files can become scattered  in your hard drive. this is called fragmentation and causes your file searches to take longer then it is suppost to.


Poor Antiviurs Program

  • Alot of antivirus programs have extra files inside the one you are downloading and it can take up alot of your systems resources and memory. It has a consent surveillance of your system for malicious programs that can cause your system to get sluggish.


Page File

  • Winodws page file is a temporarly used source of memory in the processing functions. If the page is to small your operating system will not have enough room to move. This will result in poor performance and error messages.


Windows and Temporary Files

  • If your hard drive has to many files this could mean that it is crammed with many useless files that are left in your computer after your re-installs and from general use.



  • If you have a bi-directional firewall and a good and reliable up-to-date antivirus program then you should be protected from viruses.


Common Hardware Issues

  • If your hard disk isnt working properly then you should double check to make sure that all the cords are properly attached and try a system restore but if you dont know how to or what it is for then take it to your local computer store.




  • If your computer gets hot enough it can cause different parts in the computer to fail or it might also not function properly.

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