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Sceen Repair

This tends to happen when someone drops there lapto, or steps on it and it sucks because you cant do anything other then to call a company to fix it unless you know how to fix it yourself. But this Repair would depend on how much the screen would cost depending on what type of laptop you have. but otherwise this one is the easiest to repair unless you have a mac or something else.

DC Jack Repair

The DC Jack is the part were a cord gets plugged into. Its the source of power to the battery so that it can charge. Now if his cord get pulled a certain way it can cause the jack to move which means that it can short out or even break on the inside. There are trained professionals who have to do a whole bunch of steps in order to get ur old one out and to install a new one this one should cost you that much.

Service Call/ Online Support

So we do have a online support that you can use and its if you have a virus, other software issues.  But for the hardware issues  it would be better if you brought the computer in and let them look at it there so they can determine whats has gone wrong and then discuss the rest that goes on.


Video/ Power Chip Repair

Have you ever turned your computer on and had it desplay a black screen or had it to where it didnt turn on? Well that would mean your power chip or video chip could be bad. These two parts are located on your motherboard that is inside of your computer and these ones are very hard to repair because then you are taking the parts from the motherboard and if you mess up it might possibly kill the motherboard but there are highly traines professionals that can do this and fix it.

Other minor fixes

This can conclude of your keyboard, the mouse pad, hard drive and other things that can fail. The hard drive can fail if it gets to hot or over time it can go bad to. The keyboard doesnt generally go bad you have to spill something on it in order for it not to work. Now the mouse pad might be a little more difficult to repair because its hooked into the laptop and generally not all models can be taken out.



This is the best way to go if your having to many software problems, that or if your computer is going to slow. This is like having a fresh new paint. It wipes everything that you once had in your computer. This is the fresh new start to have a cleaned computer.





Services Provided

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  • Windows Installation
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  • DC Jack Repair
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