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Created on 04/29/13
Kyle was wonderful. Brought my computer in on a fri. thinking I had to have the operating system reinstalled. by Mon. noon he had it finished without having to reinstall and able to save all my programs and files. Saved a lot of work and grief. Will definitely be back should I need help again.
Created on 12/05/11
I just recently went to them and they fixed my laptop with a smile and it costs me $24.00. They could have charged me more and I would never have even thought about it.
I like them.
Created on 07/13/13
I've done business with RC for thirteen years and have had top notch service with a smile. Service problems have been few but I always had the problem fixed and often without charge.
When I bought my first computer from them, it was an IBM THINK PAD. It developed a problem that IBM wanted to fix, but it would have taken time to ship it back. RC gave me a brand new one and transferred all my data flawlessly.
Created on 03/31/10
These guys are FANTASTIC! They fixed my computer beautifully as well as they were great people to deal with. Anyone that needs computer help should go to these guys. My computer had to be completely wiped as well, however, they explained to me upon my bringing it in that the PROGRAMS, such as word, excel, outlook, etc. would have to be reinstalled and would not be on the reformatted computer. They saved all my data! They also gave me an anti virus program at no cost, to prevent problems in the future. I was so happy to have all my wedding pictures intact after my computer crashed. THANK YOU RIVIERA COMPUTERS!!!
Created on 02/18/08
They fixed my computer when I thought it was done for! I am so happy they were able to save all my pictures, I would hate to lose any of them! They have my vote for the best computer store! Anyone reading this that's having computer problems should take it in and have them look at it. It could save you tons of work! Thanks guys for all the help!



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